The Art Of Stampaggio articoli tecnici in gomma

Rubber is used in a wide number of products ranging from domestic clothes wringers to printing-presses and its particular elasticity makes it suitable for various kinds of shock absorbers as well as for specific equipment mountings designed to lessen vibration. It’s useful in the manufacture of tubing, balloons, balls, and cushions gear, and chemical and posts including air hoses, so that as a lining for processing equipment storage tanks, and railroad tank cars. Due to their resistance, rubber is also used as insulation and for blankets, shoes, and protecting gloves, energy- for and transmission belting water-lubricated bearings in deep-well pumps.

Molding tecnici in gomma and rubber processing for most industrial programs is a specialty of ILGA. Founded in 1946, ILGA has has built itself immediately as a leader in the area of manufacturing and molding articoli tecnici in gomma. With more than 70 70 years of experience in the market, ILGA is offering professionalism, flexibility, expertise and assistance in the beginning of a project before the realization of tecnici in gomma is finished.

articoli tecnici in gomma

From walking stick ferrules, to rubber foot pedals and doorstops – rubber is used in numerous guises through the home. Rubber is even more widely utilised in the building of automobiles – the mats and pedals in the cabin wells, seals in the engine and all situations of stampaggio articoli tecnici in gomma foam through the duration of the car etc. Ergo, it may not be the most interesting point to discuss but rubber is at the foundation of limitless process and objects which form our contemporary culture.

The ILGA company deals with the manufacturing of articoli tecnici in gomma utilizing different techniques molding such as compression, transfer and injection -compression that can give a definite form.

ILGA reaches the service of several large industrial companies such as in the machinery sectors, mechanical, chemical, food and wine, and hydraulic plant. It relates to the manufacturing of stampaggio articoli tecnici in gomma using diverse type-S of polymers, together with the possibility of insertions that are textile and metallic or with rubber- steel bonding and rubber -fabric.

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